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Pet Store

Specializing in Freshwater and Marine aquariums. 






We offer a wide variety of freshwater livestock from around the world. 



Our marine livestock is sourced from the best suppliers.



The unique reptiles that we offer can amaze many. 



We carry a light range in furry friends.



We offer a broad range of services from aquarium maintenance to aquarium customization. 



Our wide selection of supplies make us a one stop shop for all your pet needs. 

Product Areas


Our mission is to remain recognized as one of Western Pennsylvania's leading independent pet stores by providing exceptional product lines, diverse livestock and stellar service. Our dedication to our customers to allow us to provide the best customer service experience possible.

At Aqua-World, every one of our team members offer over a decade of experience in various sectors of this industry. This allows us to collectively offer a wealth of information for your petcare needs.


All of our livestock, is sourced from suppliers and breeders both nationally and internationally. This provides us the

opportunity to offer a vast and diverse portfolio of species.  

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Our Vision


Our unique facility was built in 2003 with underground filtration units, which power over 20,000 gallons of water and hundreds of display tanks. We carry a wide range of freshwater and marine livestock, from your everyday specimens, to rare and exotic ones that are seldomly seen. We also offer a vast line of products for all your pet care needs. 

2 Discus Fish
Our Store
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8143 Ohio RIver Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15202

Tel:  412-732-9100

Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm 6 Days a Week - Closed Tuesdays

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